Our philosophy

Acquire knowledge through playing and creating. Spending time in cultural, artistic, scientific, gastronomic and ludic activities.
Building experiences and memories suitably written and thought for children. Allowing them to learn through fun and giving parents some time for themselves or some quality time with their family. These are VIK’s assets.VIK (Very Important Kids) is a company which provides services focused on kids and families who are travelling to Florence and Italy.VIK’s offers and tours are based on a special blend of the two most important human development models dedicated to children:
the Montessori method – a world tailored on kids, in terms of space and rules – and the Steiner method – founded on independence and free artistic expression. VIK’s philosophy brings these two visions together into a unique new one.
The concept that inspired VIK is edutainment (education + entertainment). Creating fun things to do by balancing the educational aspect of experience and pure entertainment. 

Specific tours for children – and their parents are welcome, of course – between 4 and 16 years, to make them live new territorial and historical adventures and discovering how fun art can be.


The cultural tours are written and developed as stories and tales, in a correct language code for each age group.


Treasure hunts have the intention of living the city through a game, in search of secrets and hidden details, that are part of the history of the city.
Art classes and pottery. Science labs and star watching, led by an expert in astrophysics to discover the secrets of the cosmos and energy. Dining experiences and days immersed in the Tuscan countryside to learn to respect the environment and to love nature.
But VIK is not just an A-to-Z service company for “little travelers”. As you can learn from our logo, it (or he) is a funny character, as well. A happy child, with gigantic glasses, hanging from a hot air balloon, in order to travel the world and experience it in the most extraordinary ways.
Protagonist of an extended line of eco-friendly gadgets, created with recycled materials to ensure the highest quality and environmental sustainability. Curious and attentive, VIK looks at the world as only children can do. With wonder and amazement.
These are some of VIK’s ideas to accompany children and their parents, during their ideal holidays, where everyone discovers and builds beautiful memories.