Symbols at Santa Croce

Discover the most ancient church in Florence . See the beauty of Giotto’s fresco and work on your narrative skills .Together we will find symbols and listen to fascinating  stories  related to them. You might find something linked to New York in this church can you imagine ?

VIK’s team of educators and art historians designs and develops kids and teens interactive programmes using visual thinking strategies, age appropriate and life skill tools to engage the younger ones in a fun, experience that will enhance their critical thinking skills and their problem solving ones in an active learning activity.

Cultural family experiences are entirely organized by VIK . Kids and teens tours have one educator or guide (depending on the age) exclusively for themselves. Experiences are all designed with the correct language code, the right amount of information and age appropriate depth of contents.While kids are touring, parents are more than welcome to come along and have their own time around the sites while their children will be engaged in their learning activities.

VIK can also organize another extra guide especially for parents who would like to enjoy the same path as their children but with a different and more elaborate exposition of information .

Duration of Experience: 2 Hours

Cost of the experience: 195 euros


  • 1 certified KIDS’ GUIDE OR KIDS’ educator for a private and exclusive experience (up tp 3 kids same age group)
  • materials for kids (interactive programme and work sheets, colours, torches ecc)
  • kids gadgets
  • kids ensurance
  • taxes


  • museum tickets (10 – 14 euros per ticket depending on season )
  • booking and retrieval of tickets transportation
  • hotel or dmc commissions

Cost of additional adult guide: 120 euros

 Payment details: via paypall 100% of the amount ON BOOKING at https://www.paypal.me/ViKitaly


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